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The Lodge and The Roost

The John Webb Homeplace

What people are saying…

“It’s such a pastoral idyll, a perfect little set piece of things reverential — steeple and cross, wire grass and pines, dogs and double guns – that I hesitate for a moment to take it in. When the covey rises it comes as a complete surprise, despite the fact that I am wearing a bird vest and carrying a gun through some of the finest bird country I have ever seen.”
Eddie Nickens
Garden & Gun, August / September 2011
“The Webb Farm is the best bird hunting around and we are fortunate to have it right here in North Carolina.”
Dr. Tom Bowman, NC
“Webb uses a wide variety of traditional and innovative farming practices and has created a venue where hunters can experience a quail hunt that is every bit as traditional as when the farm was founded.”
Bird Hunter Report
“The Webb Farm is a sportsman’s paradise.”
Robert McLean, NC
“Hunting at The Webb Farm is the best ever as far as number of birds and overall conditions. We had over 50 in the air several times. It was extra special having my dad there on a day like that. It really exceeded his expectations. Everything was perfect — colors, temperature. dogs, guides, birds, and everything else.”
Nelson MacRae, NC
“The Webb Farm has a rich history of excellent bobwhite hunting.”
The Upland Gazette
“We’ve hunted upland birds all over North America, and I can easily say that for quail hunting, The Webb Farm is second to none.”
Kurt Beyer, NY
“The combination of wild coveys and early release birds make for an exciting hunt that can only be matched by prime Texas quail country at its peak bird cycle Bill has created a new tradition of quail hunting and southern hospitality at his farm that wingshooters will find rewarding.”
Barry Wright, VA