We are asked by many of our guests why our quail hunting here is so good, where on a magical fall day you can see covey after covey after covey. The answer is a mix of that passion for the sport held by this family for decades, accompanied by hard work and determination to provide the best quail hunt possible. Providing top quail hunting at The Webb Farm is a never ending, year around endeavor. We combine sound biology and decades of quail management to provide our guests with a traditional North Carolina hunting experience.


The pursuit of bobwhite quail is a passion of the Webb Family.

“The 1,200 acre property is one that discerning quail hunters instantly recognize as quail Valhalla.”-Bird Hunting Report, March 2011

On The Webb Farm we have wild quail coveys combined with surrogated and early release birds, forming the nucleus of our quail program. Over the course of the season, daily feedback is received from guides and farm staff as to the quantity and quality of coveys located out on our courses, and birds are supplemented to the coveys as needed. The result is the quality hunting that our hunters have come to expect and enjoy.

Top notch quail management is probably the most expensive wildlife management there is. We are committed to continue to bring you the great wingshooting you have come to expect here in this legendary hunting area of the North Carolina Sandhills.

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The Webb Farm Bird Dogs

The Webb Farm has a complete kennel operation that houses a cadre of bird dogs, including English Pointers and Setters, a Brittany, and our flushing and retrieving Labs. The hunting dogs are professionally trained by SunDog Kennels, also located here on The Webb Farm properties, know our hunts well, and are trained to work in conjunction with our flushing dogs and custom Kawasaki Mule Quail Buggies. Our bird dogs and professional guides will make your hunt at The Webb Farm a memorable one.

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